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Anouk Devi

Anouk is a Bodywork Therapist & Trainer, Personal Coach, Trauma-stress Therapist & Yin Yoga Teacher. Her focus is in creating a truly holistic approach toward supporting the body-mind synergy.


Anouk worked for 7 years in Mental Health Care, providing mental and physical support to those in need. In her early twenties she started an intense journey with her own physical health; a path which guided her toward an experiential understanding of the power of natural healing, and which sparked her fascination with fascia. Anouk has deep respect and gratitude for this life-changing opportunity from which she shares her insights which empower others in the most natural way.


Anouk has an innate connection with ancient wisdom teachings. Living in India and the East are an important part of her inspiration. Together with her life partner Tapesh, Anouk shares Alchemy of Touch Trainings. She is also the driving force in providing all that is needed for the Alchemy of Touch Academy; to support and meet everyone’s needs to learn in the most relaxed and profound way, with ongoing guidance and support of practitioners around the globe.

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