'Sweet Dreams' Gong Soundbath & Deep Relaxation

“Feel its pulsations and let the millions of vibrations dance and flow through your senses. You will become fearless, relaxed and awakened.” Yogi Bhajan about the gong


Did you know that as soon as we close our eyes and go to sleep, our body starts detoxing, fixing damage wherever necessary and organizing our thoughts and experiences? In order for all these processes to run smoothly, it is very important that the quality of your sleep is sound.


In this 'Sweet Dreams' workshop, we look at new ways to become a better sleeper. You will discover a lot of yoga and breathing exercises in order to unwind after a busy work day and smart pre-sleep food & lifestyle rituals that will help you to start every new day completely refreshed.  


After having prepped and primed our bodies and minds, you get the opportunity to experience first hand what total relaxation feels like during a healing gong bath with the Earth Year Gong. This special planetary gong vibrates at the frequency of the earth around the sun. 


The unique sounds of the gong will access your body through your ears and flow along the vagus nerve – our biggest ‘relaxation nerve’ – to all the parts of the body. The vibrations will influence your heart rhythm, your breathing and the production of your brain waves.


But even if you would close your ears, the vibrations of the gong will still affect you because our bodies consist for 60% (and more) of water and sounds travel through water.


During the gong bath, the vibrations change into powerful soundwaves that resonate in every cell of your body. Wherever there is disharmony in the body on an emotional or a physical level, the gong will bring this into your awareness so that healing can take place and harmony can be restored.


The gong always gives you what you need. Therefore the effect of a gong bath is different for everybody and will be different every time you try it. 


Come and experience it for yourself!


Sukhi Home is a foundation aiming to give a future to the underprivileged and the children in Nepal. 

The Nepalese word 'sukhi' means “happy in the long term”. That is what Sukhi Home wants for the underprivileged and the children of Nepal. 

In 2015 Nepal was hit by two very strong earthquakes. Sukhi Home now focuses on the construction of a new earthquake-resistant school for 110 handicapped children.


During the event, you can buy a blanket from Nepal for €60. They are super light (but warm), soft and the colors are really beautiful. By buying a blanket, you support Sukhi Home

The DATES: 15 December 2018



TEACHERS: Goedele Leyssen





Vondelstraat 120a

1053 GS Amsterdam

The Netherlands




10:00 - 18:00 hrs with a 2-hour lunch break and tea breaks




  • 5 Hours of teaching consisting of:

  • Gong sound bath 

  • Yoga, breathing exercises and nutrition teachings to related to healthy sleep




Early bird: €79

Available for the first 20 bookings, paid in full. Make use of the discount code: EARLYBIRD-GONG 


Regular rate: €89


NB: When you are pregnant, a gong bath is not recommended from the 6th till the 9th month of your pregnancy.


NB: When you relax, you cool off so people get easily cold during a session. Make sure you bring something to cover yourself.





Before she started to teach yoga, Goedele Leyssen was a busy beauty editor. In 2008, professionally as well as in her personal life, things were very shaky. A healing mix of yoga, meditation and India helped her to turn things around. Since then, Goedele trained as a gong player, a sat nam rasayan practitioner and a kundalini yoga teacher. She also developed her own Total Body & Soul Workout concept. 


Through her teachings, Goedele loves to support people in connecting with their body, the rhythm of their breath and the wisdom in their heart. 


Besides being a spiritual teacher, Goedele also certified as a holistic nutritionist and she enjoys giving healthy lifestyle talks. She wrote three books about yoga and lifestyle: Boost (2014), Balans (2015) and MoodFood (2017).


Dr. Mahdi M. Brown is a physician and a passionate Health & Wellness educator. He received his ND in naturopathic medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine with clinical specialisations in Lifestyle Medicine, Emotional Awareness & Mind-Body Transformation, Stress Management, and Applied-Clinical Nutrition. Additionally, Dr. Mahdi holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of South Carolina and is certified as a Transformational Life Coach.


Dr. Mahdi has helped thousands of people with stress and burnout to reclaim their health, by reducing mental & emotional stress, introducing healthy eating habits, and teaching work-life integration techniques. In the past, he has worked with the international functional medicine lab (Genova Diagnostics), where he advised doctors from all over the world to develop holistic treatment plans for their most difficult cases.


Dr. Mahdi has worked as an adjunct professor at Arizona State University, where he developed and taught Stress Management Tools. He served as the Mind & Body Medical Consultant at The River Source Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center at Casa Grande, AZ. among other positions at a variety of Universities. 


In his lecture he will share his knowledge on sleep and brain health, the importance of sleep for stress management, and how to create healing and health through sleep. 


We will gather in the stunning Vondel church, located right at the entrance of the famous Vondelpark. Located in a beautiful part of town the Vondelchurch, designed by Cuypers, is easy to get to with public transportation. 

The church offers unique gothic architecture, colorful wall and ceiling paintings and a cozy atmosphere.


Combined with a group of yogis and an amazing teaching magic happens here!

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