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Goedele Leyssen

Before she started to teach yoga, Goedele Leyssen was a busy beauty editor. In 2008, professionally as well as in her personal life, things were very shaky. A healing mix of yoga, meditation and India helped her to turn things around. Since then, Goedele trained as a gong player, a sat nam rasayan practitioner and a kundalini yoga teacher. She also developed her own Total Body & Soul Workout concept. 


Through her teachings, Goedele loves to support people in connecting with their body, the rhythm of their breath and the wisdom in their heart. 


Besides being a spiritual teacher, Goedele is also certified as a holistic nutritionist and she enjoys giving healthy lifestyle talks. She wrote three books about yoga and lifestyle: Boost (2014), Balans (2015) and MoodFood (2017).

Events with Goedele

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