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Global Flow takes yoga events, self-development, relaxation, yoga, wanderlust, and fun seriously! Passionate about yoga, travel, and transformation, we offer you yoga intensives and retreats with internationally renowned teachers. We guarantee a high level of teaching as each teacher we work with is selected based on our personal experience of their teaching and their accomplishments in the field. With 10 years of experience, we are known for creating events that go beyond the expected, welcoming you at unique locations, making sustainability part of every event, and paying attention to every detail imaginable to give you an experience you will remember! Get ready to dive deep and open yourself up to an event with us that offers you all the tools you need to grow while having the time of your life!

Yoga Intensives

Yoga Intensives are a perfect way to quickly deepen your practice, gain a new understanding of alignment or a philosophical concept and continue your education. Whether you are a yoga teacher wanting to expand your knowledge or experience a different approach, or a yoga student looking for more explanation than your weekly yoga class offers you; a yoga intensive is the answer! You will be amazed at how much you can gain in just one weekend.

All our intensives are offered at beautiful churches in Amsterdam. Get ready to be taken care of while you take in the beauty of both the practice and the location. Gathering with yogis from all over the world, you are guaranteed to leave with some new friends and lots of inspiration!

Patrick Beach

13-16 March '24 | 4-Day Awakening Yoga Vinyasa Immersion




Janet Stone

2-3 August '24 | 2-Day Bhakti in Vinyasa Yoga Immersion


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Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli

We are happy to announce that Uma Dinsmore Tuli is coming back to the Netherlands to offer her Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training! Along with her husband Nirlipta Tuli, Uma is one of the leading voices in the Yoga Nidra community. Together they created the Yoga Nidra Network, and have been sharing their in-depth knowledge of Yoga Nidra for more than 30 years. Her book Yoni Shakti is one of the more important books in the field in which she shares her in-depth knowledge of Yoga Nidra, along with profound ancient practices for (female) health and spirituality.

More information will be available soon. If you are interested in joining her training, please email us via the button below and we will add you to the list of students that will be informed as soon as we open the training for bookings.

Santosa 2018 by Leticia Valverdes-81.jpg


“Heartwarmingly beautiful. A milestone in my life as a Yogi.”

— Jan




We work with a beautiful team of internationally renowned teachers. Read all about their practice, teaching style and what they have to offer you!

Simon Park
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