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Born in France and half Vietnamese, half French, Karam has worked as a therapist since the early 90's. He trained in Gestalt, integrative psychotherapy and systemic therapy in Switzerland.
During a long stay in Poona, India, he was introduced to the world of Osho, meditation, communication, and emotional and body-oriented therapy. Karam is also trained in somatic experiencing, a cutting-edge approach to healing trauma.
For a period of 5 years, Karam worked in a private psychosomatic clinic in Switzerland. He then worked in a residential home supporting teenagers long term with family crisis and trauma. 
During this time he also began to co-lead workshops and personal training based on Tantra, sacred sexuality, and intimacy in Paris.
In 2008 Karam was invited to work at PachaMama in Costa Rica, a unique alternative, spiritual community. He currently spends half of the year at PanchaMama where he works as a senior therapist. At PachaMama he leads  Primal-, Tantra-, and somatic healing oriented groups and the Growing in Love Process, as well as a wide variety of therapy groups oriented toward the realization of the unique human potential which lies within each of us. His work aims to go beyond the limitations of personal history, social conditioning, traumas, and beliefs.
Karam offers group work and workshops throughout Europe and North America.

Events with Karam

Emotional Healing Retreat on Ibiza with Karam Minh
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