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Natascha Kiessler

Natascha is a passionate and seasoned YA-certified yoga teacher. Her style is dynamic Vinyasa yoga influenced by Jivamukti and Anusara® yoga. Adding her joyous and open attitude to her teaching, she shares the ancient knowledge of yoga in a light and accessible way. Her classes are powerful yet playful with plenty of core work and a focus on alignment. Her joy in sharing her knowledge and watching students grow, always shines through in her teaching.


Natascha teaches regular classes, workshops, teacher trainings and retreats.


As the founder and owner of CoolYoga in Dortmund, Natascha has given Vinyasa yoga a homebase in the area. At CoolYoga she welcomes yoga teachers from Germany and around the world for workshops and trainings.

Events with Natascha

Yoga Retreat Bali wit Natascha Kiessler and Monique Buder
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