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Silence and Sacred Energy in Italy

A month from now we are returning to one of our favourite countries: Italy. And in Italy we return to our favourite retreat centre: La Rosa dei 4 Venti. This beautiful family run retreat centre is surrounded by silence and mystery. La Rosa dei 4 Venti is actually an ancient monastery and the sacred energy is tangible all around.

The retreat centre is created by Giulia, she is the owner and founder and as an energy guide holds the special energy that you feel as soon as you arrive. Giulia created it together with Marco who makes sure all is organised and taken care of during your stay, Piergiorgio who takes care of the retreat centre and Ilaria who is the chef cook and creates the most amazing meals, all in line with the food philosophy of La Rosa dei 4 Venti. Together they share a vision: to create a place where you can go to reconnect and heal through the special energy of the location, the nature, the home cooked food and the support the family and staff offers you. This vision is what appeals to us! As we see retreats as a part of a conscious lifestyle that does not only allow you to take care of yourself, but creates a ripple effect, a flow, that positively influences the people in your life and beyond, resulting in a Global Flow. This is why La Rosa dei 4 Venti is the perfect location for us! Marco explains it as follows; 'La Rosa is a project that for us started as a life choice first. It is our life and we are all devoted to what this place represents. We work at and care for La Rosa so she can exist and shine and in return we get to live an intense, deep and healthy life with a greater meaning.'.

Do you want to know what La Rosa dei 4 Venti actually means and why they chose this name? Giulia will reveal the secret meaning on the first day of the retreat as she and the rest of the family welcomes you. All we can reveal for now is that the Rose 'La Rosa' represents your heart. And it is your heart that we will take care of during this retreat!

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