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Sustainability Module

Yoga Retreats offer a unique opportunity to become still, dive deep and reconnect. Connecting with ourselves opens the door for us to connect to life and the world we live in on a deeper level. This can feel like coming home, but can also be painful as we become fully aware of the pain that exists on our planet and how our collective actions have contributed to it. This includes the state of our ecosystem and other urgent issues we are facing on a global level.


It is easy to close our eyes towards painful experiences or become angry and judgmental towards ourselves and others. This module gives you tools to stay connected and compassionate while empowering yourself through positive action.



Suze Retera Global Flow Retreats

Together we will embark on an inward journey applying yoga, forgiveness and self-discovery techniques to reveal practical ways you can share your heart’s calling and create a positive impact.


The insights and connection gained during this module will be combined with practical tools to apply in your daily life and share with your community. We support you in joining our tribe of strong-hearted individuals who are passionate about our planet and ready to take steps towards a sustainable way of living for all.

The sustainability module is part of all the Yoga Awareness Retreats we offer. 


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