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Tapesh Paradiso

Tapesh is passionately involved with the healing arts. For more than 28 years he has been living and working throughout the world as a Therapist, Bodywork Trainer and Meditation Teacher, practiced many different massage techniques from all over the world and with more than two decades of experience with touch, body-mind journey and meditation, Tapesh developed a unique fusion that is now called ‘Alchemy of Touch’.

Alchemy of Touch has its roots in Osho Rebalancing Massage. Tapesh modified and improved this professional technique, creating a less static, more artistic and poetic form, working without any effort! Tapesh also introduced the best methods from his broad education across many modalities of massage.


His own innovative method ‘Fluid Touch’ brings to life this powerful form of massage & body-mind work, which focusses on physical & energetic release from the Myofascia.

Tapesh is dedicated to transmitting the wisdom he has gathered over his lifetime through Alchemy of Touch massage trainings, private bodywork sessions and through his mentorship of many students worldwide.

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