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Behind Global Flow

Suze Retera

Founder & Director 

Fascinated by personal growth and healing Suze constantly looks for new adventures that broaden her worldview, connects her to new people and deepens her insight into this magical life we all get to live. 


Her adventures come in the form of journeys around the world, trainings, courses, and projects that make a difference in the world. 


Suze is a Psychologist and certified yoga teacher. Throughout the years she deepened her knowledge in both fields by adding Family Constellations, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) and Yoga Nidra to her qualifications.


Her passion for travel, a conscious lifestyle and (self) healing inspired her to start Global Flow Retreats in 2006. Global Flow Retreats offers retreat programs that have the power to transform your life.


Suze believes strongly that the holistic powers of combining yoga with disciplines like mindfulness, Ayurveda, trauma and stress release practices, or family constellations offer all the tools we need to not only find inspiration but to gain insight and find the healing that can alter the course of our lives. 


In 2015 Suze founded her second company: Oil & Ohm. A holistic body oil line combining Moroccan Argan Oil with Ayurvedic essential oil blends. 


As the founder of Global Flow Retreats, Suze is the driving force behind all the events and the journeys we offer. It is her vision to empower people by deeply listening to their stories and offering tools that they can apply not only on the retreat but also in their daily lives. Through the retreats, she hopes to share an experience of true connection and healing with you, that you can then share with the people in your life.

Ellen van der Linden | Global Flow Retreas

Ellen van der Linde

Blog contributor & Editor

Ellen is passionate about writing, photography and working with people. She is a certified massage therapist and continuing her studies with Ayurvedic massages and energy healing.


Conscious practices like yoga, mindfulness, and massage therapy have always been her interest. She got to explore those interest on a scientific level when studying for her has her Masters Degree in Social Health. For her thesis, she researched yoga retreats and their ability to be transformative for participants' lives.


Each month you can read some of Ellen's articles on the Global Flow Retreats blog. She will share with you tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your retreat experience, insights into different cultural practices, the practices we offer on our retreats, what to pay attention to when you book a retreat, and so much more!


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