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Nidrā Shakti in Yoga Nidrā


Encounter the creative and healing power of rest  in Yogic Sleep

We are happy to offer you a brand new training opportunity with Uma Dinsmore Tuli! This training consists of 3 online sessions spread out over 3 months. The content of the training covers the same content as the Total Yoga Nidra Foundation/Immersion Course, which is a pre-requisite to taking part in the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training. 

You can join the complete training and receive a certificate, or join for one or two of the days. Only when you participate in the complete training, do you receive a certificate that allows you to take part in a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in the future. 

You can still join the training and receive all the material and recordings of the days you missed. By taking the exam after completing the course, you will receive your certificate.  


Session 1 | 29 June '23

Session 2 | 27July '23

Session 3 | 31 Aug '23 


* 9 Hours of online teaching 

* 30 Page manual

* Test if certificate is desired

Teaching times:

6 pm - 9 pm (CET+2, which is the times zone in Amsterdam)




Complete Training €195

Single session €75

After participating in the full course, you will receive a certificate of completion of the Total Yoga Nidra Foundation Course/Immersion. 

The Course

Are you interested in Yoga Nidrā? Would you like to experience more Yoga Nidrā and learn about how it works and its history? Are you looking to deepen your Yoga Nidrā practice? Or maybe you are considering taking part in a Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in the future? Then this is the course for you! A practical and philosophical training, designed and led by the co-founder of the Yoga Nidra Network, Uma Dinsmore Tuli. The course is an adaptation to the Total Yoga Nidra Foundation/Immersion course and covers all its content.


The training consists of three sessions that each are three hours long. The sessions are offered live online with Uma. Each session includes three Yoga Nidrā practices, talks, stories, teachings about yoga nidrā, and time for Q&A. Recordings of the sessions will be made available afterward. You will be provided with a 30-page manual. If you take part in the entire course, you will be provided with a test after completion of the course. After passing the test, you will receive the certificate that allows you to take part in future Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings.

Thursday 29 June|  Session 1: 

Introducing Nidrā Shakti, the power of sleep at the threshold of dreaming.

Her stories, and the history and development of Yoga Nidrā. Exploring different schools and traditions, with a focus on comparative structures.

Thursday 27 July |  Session 2

Understanding how yoga nidrā works.
Comparative rotations of consciousness, the science of Yoga Nidrā, the philosophy of Yoga Nidrā, Sankalpa, intentions, and how they shape the practice.


Thursday 31 August | Session 3

The creative and healing powers of Yoga Nidrā
Liminality and creativity, memory, sleep and dreams, and trance. Hypnosis and Yoga Nidrā. Yoga Nidrā as a meditative practice. Yoga Nidrā and Bhakti Yoga.Growing your own practice.

Please note attendance at all three events counts as a completion of the Total Yoga Nidrā Foundation Course/Immersion.
This course does not train you to teach Yoga nidrā. It does give you access to the 50-hour complete teacher and facilitator course that trains you to share Yoga Nidrā. The teacher training is scheduled to take place in September 2024 in The Netherlands.


What will you learn? 

  • The history and development of Yoga Nidrā

  • Intentions, and how they shape the practice

  • Comparative structures

  • Comparative rotations of consciousness

  • The science of Yoga Nidrā

  • The philosophy of Yoga Nidrā

  • Liminality and creativity

  • Memory, sleep and dreams

  • Trance: hypnosis and Yoga Nidrā

  • Yoga Nidrā as a meditative practice

  • Sankalpa

  • Yoga Nidrā and Bhakti Yoga

  • Growing your own practice

Uma and Nirlipta in Stroud by Leticia Valverdes (34 of 115)
Uma Dinsmore Tuli
Total Yoga Nidra
nidra Womb Yoga-Creativity and sexuality by Leticia Valverdes (43 of 183)
Yoga Nidra
Mahavidya wheel
Uma Dinsmore Tuli
Yoga Nidra

Uma Dinsmore Tuli 

The heart of Uma’s daily personal and therapeutic practice is yoga nidra, which she believes to be the most powerfully transformative of all yoga techniques. She first encountered the technique at the Satyananda Yoga Centre in 1995 and has been exploring all aspects of it with fascination ever since. She has studied a variety of different approaches to the practice both in India and the UK, with nationally renowned exponents including Swami Muktidharma (Satyananda Acharya, New Zealand), Mukunda Stiles, and Richard Miller. She has refined a range of particularly feminine therapeutic applications of yoga nidra, including its use for the promotion of fertility, positive birthing, postnatal recovery, and conscious menstrual health as a source of spiritual empowerment.


Uma has taught yoga nidra to thousands of people, in every conceivable environment, from nursery schools, hospitals, and airports, to giant geodesic domes filled with yogis sheltering from wild storms at yoga festivals and gatherings. She has been sharing the technique with teachers from all lineages on Yoga Therapy training courses and retreats since 1999.

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For these sessions, we will be gathering online. Yoga Nidra is a practice that is very suitable for online training. Please prepare by having a yoga mat, blankets, pillows, and if needed, an eye pillow ready to use. No later than a day before the start of each session, you will receive a link that allows you to join via Zoom. 
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