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Yoga Intensive: Yoga Unleashed - Embodying Bhakti in Vinyasa Yoga


Janet Stone is coming back to Amsterdam! After the beautiful weekend we offered with Janet lat year, we are excited to announce new dates for 2024. We can't wait to gather again with the beautiful community of yogis that is drawn to Janet's teachings. 

Janet is known for her strong, Vinyasa flows, combined with elements of the practice that are often lost when time pressure shortens our practice: Sankalpa, storytelling, mantra, mudra, and pranayama. Diving into a weekend that offers all the elements of the practice will leave you feeling grounded, light, present, open-minded, embodied, and inspired. We are definitely ready for it! 


2-3 August '24

with Janet Stone


10 Hour of Teaching

Friday: 11:00 - 17:30 

Saturday: 11:00 - 17:30

Both days have a 1,5 hour lunch break from 13:30 - 15:00 hrs. 


van Houten church

Oudegracht 69

1381 XX   Amsterdam


2- Day Intensive 



Yoga Unleashed: Embodying Bhakti in Vinyasa Practice 

In this weekend workshop, we’ll explore yoga as a practice of devotion. Bhakti yoga is the practice of devotion. We can infuse every aspect of our practice with this sense of devotion—from mantra to asana, mudra, meditation to pranayama. Beyond this, devotion can infuse all of the moments of our lives. In this way, our practice helps us clarify our intentions, focus our attention, and infuse our lives with a sense of purpose and compassion. 

Each session begins with a comprehensive practice that includes meditation, pranayama, asana, and chanting. Afternoons are a dive into the heart of what it means to embody yoga. With practice as our starting point, we’ll access the body’s innate intelligence. In community, we’ll put devotion into practice to live our values and focus our attention in a world of chaos.

This intensive is open to yoga practitioners and teachers alike.

What you will learn: 
  • Chanting/Storytelling as a path to compassion and wisdom

  • Learn to share mantra

  • Asana as devotion

  • How to teach chanting, devotion-rich sequences

  • Clarity of intention and how to direct our attention

  • Meditations / Pranayamas

  • Partner and group work to support individuals to articulate their intentions into action.

Janet Stone Down Dog
van Houtenkerk_Weesp_inside
Janet Stone_Warrior 2
Janet Stone Teaching
Amsterdam Weesp
Janet Stone_profile
van Houtenkerk Weesp
Janet Stone-harmonium

Janet Stone

Janet’s yoga journey began at 17 under Maharaji, her meditation teacher, whose reverence for simplicity and joy live on in her practice and teachings to this day. She shares from the depth of her own sadhana (sustained practice), her studentship in the eight-limbed path, her creative approach to asana, and her reverence for bhakti (devotional, heart-centered yoga, including chanting mantra). With over thirty years in studentship to the practice and twenty years of teaching, Janet offers classes that challenge students to investigate what they think they know, to hold compassion for what they discover within themselves, and to remember presence, the long view, and the radical depth of our interconnectedness.

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Janet Stone_Harmonium.jpeg

We are gathering at the beautiful van Houten Church in Amsterdam-Weesp, only a 15-minute train ride from Amsterdam Central Station. This beautiful church with wooden floors offers a unique atmosphere and all the comfort you need for this training. During your lunch break, you can have a stroll along the picturesque canals in Weesp. There are different lunch options and stores, or you can enjoy the weather sitting on one of the terraces by the water.

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