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Global Flow           

Founded by Suze Retera in 2010 Global Flow is a yoga event organization created to initiate growth, joy, connection and a sustainable lifestyle that serves the individual as well as the collective and the planet. We do this by creating yoga retreats and intensives with international teachers, that unite, educate and inspire. 



How does Global Flow work?

Global Flow has been offering retreats and yoga intensives for 10 years. We use our years of experience to make sure all our events meet the following standards: 

  • We only work with highly qualified, senior teachers. All our teachers have many years of experience and teach to an international audience. They are skilled, have a practice rooted in deep study, and embody their teachings.

  • There are many different styles of yoga out there and the field of yoga is constantly changing. Global Flow does not have an alliance with one specific style of yoga. Instead, we keep a close connection to the practice and get you the best teachers of the different forms of yoga out there. Whether this is Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga or Tantric Philosophy; you get to experience it with one of the best teachers in the field and decide for yourself which practice(s) serve you best. 

  • We welcome you in a unique location. The yoga intensives are often hosted in some of the most beautiful churches, the yoga retreats are offered at the best eco-resorts in the world. 

  • All our events are free from single-use plastic. This means only re-useable water bottles are allowed and all other waste is recycled where possible. This has resulted in several retreat centers changing their drinking water policies, switching to offering filtered water taps to all their guests instead of bottled water.

  • We inspire you to switch to a more sustainable product by bringing environmentally friendly products and brands to your attention on our events. Change is much easier when you are offered an alternative that is an improvement, rather than being told you should no longer use something you enjoy. 

What does Global Flow stand for?


True empowerment is the biggest change-maker in the world. When empowered, each and every one of us can move mountains! Empowerment is one of those things money simply can't buy. We believe that true empowerment is a result of connection, recognition and learning through experience.  Through our events, we aim to offer you teachings on the mat that allow you to grow on a personal level while educating you about environmental developments off the mat. Empowered with insight and knowledge you just might create a ripple effect that serves the world as a whole. 


Our events take you on a journey that connects you with yourself, but also to new people, and on retreats to a new culture and new practices. All broadening your knowledge and understanding, highlighting how through the beauty of our diversity we are all connected and bonded by the universal needs of humankind. Through periods of silence, mindfulness and deep listening, you will experience the profound wisdom and joy that is the result of true connection. 


We believe that the foundation of every spiritual practice is the connection to our source. It is that connection that creates the insight that we are all connected and responsible for each other and the world we live in. This can sometimes feel like a heavy concept, especially considering the current events in the world. Being part of a community that supports you in taking conscious and positive action, lightens that burden and gives direction. We can all make a tremendous difference through small daily actions. As a community, the impact of our efforts is multiplied and our collective actions make a true difference for our environment and the communities we are a part of.  


Connecting to yourself and giving space to the things you are dealing with in your life, is the first step to stepping into and cultivation your unique strengths. After a retreat or intensive you can show up again for yourself, the people in your life and the community you live in, giving back and creating the change that matters in this world. It is through this personal growth, which we can share with others, that we find a true sense of accomplishment, connection and meaning in our lives.  

Who is Suze?

Global Flow is founded and directed by Suze Retera. Fascinated by personal growth and healing Suze constantly looks for new adventures that broaden her worldview, connect her to new people, and deepen her insight into this magical life we all get to live. 


Her adventures come in the form of journeys around the world, trainings, courses, and projects that

make a difference in the world. 

Suze is a therapist and a certified yoga teacher. Besides yoga, she specializes in TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises), Yoga Nidra, coaching and family constellations. She strongly believes that the holistic powers of combining yoga with these disciplines

offer all the tools we need to not only find inspiration but to gain insight and find the healing that can alter the course of our lives. 


As the founder of Global Flow, Suze is the driving force behind all the events and the journeys we offer. Each teacher you get to study and retreat with has inspired her or changed her own practice in some way. The locations we visit have a special place in her heart or have something to offer that she can't wait to share with you. Through the events, she hopes to share an experience of true connection and healing with you, that you can then share with the people in your life.

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