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Global Flow Yoga Intensives


4-Day Yoga Immersion Patrick Beach

Are you ready to get serious about your inversions? Patrick beach is coming back to Amsterdam for a 4-day intensive teaching is signature training 'Awakened Inversions'. During the course of 4 days, Patrick will teach you the building blocks that not only allow you to progress in your practice, but also to keep your inversions safe. 

Janet Stone-harmonium.jpg

Embodied Yoga Workshop
Janet Stone

In this weekend workshop, you will experience what it means to practice from a place of embodiment and deep attention.

Janet approaches the practice through sadhana (daily ritualized practice) as a way to explore the power of chanting, storytelling, aligning from the inside out, and sequencing from a place of inner knowing. 

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Yoga & Music Immersion Lara & Benny

Join international yoga teacher and art therapist Lara Zilibowitz & mystical musician Benny Holloway on a transformative two-day journey into embodied freedom and expression.

Just like a caterpillar entering into a chrysalis, this weekend is an ecstatic rite of passage for anyone who feels the longing to wake up to their wild, unbound, and expansive nature. 


Weekend Yoga Intensive Patrick Beach

If you missed Patrick's 4-day Immersion, or you are looking for a broader range of his teachings that go beyond inversions, we got you covered! Patrick is returning in Autumn to take you on a weekend journey into mobility, core stability, deep backbends, controlled transitions, and some of his creative sequences. 

We are gathering again in the van Houten Church in Amsterdam-Weesp, for two days of practice that leave you with an open body and mind! 

Leslie Kaminoff

Breath & Yoga Intensive Leslie Kaminoff

This weekend immersion with Leslie is for you if you like to take your yoga and understanding of the breath to the next level. Consisting of four sessions, each session will include a balance of practice (both asana and pranayama), inquiry, lecture, and interactive discussion.

Yoga practitioners, teachers, and therapists of all levels will be able to benefit from Leslie's simple, clear methodology. 

Intensives & Retreats

Global Flow

Passionate about yoga, travel, and transformation, we offer you yoga intensives and retreats with internationally renowned teachers. We guarantee a high level of teaching as each teacher we work with is selected based on our personal experience of their teaching and their accomplishments in the field.

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