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Booking & Participation Policy

Early Bird Rate:
The early bird rate is only available for the number of registrations mentioned on the retreat/intensive/masterclass page, paid in full before the date mentioned in the information document. You can download the information document at the bottom of the retreat page on the website.  Both the number of early bird spots and date differ per retreat / intensive. 
Regular Rate:
To secure your retreat booking at the regular rate we require a €600 deposit and a balance payment by the date mentioned in the information document. Bookings made after the due date for the balance payment need to be paid in full to secure your booking. The due date for the full payment differs per retreat. 
Registrations for Intensives or Masterclasses need to be paid in full regardless of the date of the booking in order to secure your spot



When booking a double room while traveling alone, we will do our best to couple you with another same-sex participant that is traveling solo too. In case this is not possible, you will be required to upgrade to a single room. People are coupled based on the order in which bookings come in. So when you book early, there is a high chance that you can share the room with another participant.  


Health Policy:
All registrants are required to inform Global Flow of any mental or physical disorders prior to registration for a retreat and may be advised to seek medical advice prior to travel. Please advise us of any allergies or special dietary needs you may have so they can be taken into consideration. 
Participation Policy:
There will be no reimbursement for any classes missed or services not used. Furthermore, all registrants participate in the classes at their own risk and must employ their own judgment as to which movements, positions, and exercises are appropriate for their level of training and experience as well as mental stability. 
Global Flow Retreats reserves the right to make changes in the schedule. 
Registrants will be held liable for any damage to the accommodation facilities. It is recommended that each registrant takes out an individual public liability insurance policy.

All participants are required to have international health insurance that also covers medical care and transport home if needed.

All participants are responsible for travel insurance with enough coverage.


Global Flow reserves the right to cancel a retreat if fewer than 8 participants have signed up by the date mentioned in the information document. Global Flow reserves the right to cancel an intensive/workshop/masterclass up to 30 days in advance in case the number of bookings needed to proceed has not been reached, or less
 than 30 days in advance due to illness of a teacher or force majeure. In such circumstances, the participants will be informed promptly and all registration monies will be reimbursed. Any travel costs will not be reimbursed. For the complete cancellation policy, please click here. 

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