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General Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

1.  Terms and Conditions: the general terms and conditions applicable to the Workshops/Intensives, Masterclasses, Retreats and Teacher Trainings organized by Global Flow and are additional to the Booking and Cancellation Policies.

2.    Booking form: The booking form of Global Flow provided through Retreat Guru that has to be filled out and signed by the aspiring participant prior to the event.

3.    General Terms and Conditions: The general terms and conditions used by Global Flow, which have been published at the Global Flow website.

4.    Global Flow: Global Flow has its official seat at Jacob van Lennepstraat 69-3V, 1053 HE Amsterdam and is listed in the Trade Register under number 34393655.

5.    Participant: the person who attends or wishes to or is attending a Retreat, Teacher Training or Workshop.

6.    Price: the total price of a Workshop, Teacher Training or Retreat, including the Deposit.

7.    Retreat: a yoga retreat organized by Global Flow

8.    Retreat Participant: a person who takes part in or wishes to take part in a yoga retreat organized by Global Flow.

9.    Teacher: the yoga teacher who has been contracted by Global Flow to teach yoga classes during the Retreat, workshop or Teacher Training

10.    Teacher Training: a training offered by Global Flow to train participants in the teaching of a certain style of yoga.

11.    Website: the website of Global Flow:

12.    Workshop: A yoga workshop organized by Global Flow.

13.    Newsletter  


2. Scope of Application

1.    The General Terms and Conditions apply to all Retreats, Teacher Trainings, Workshops / Intensives, and Masterclasses.

2.    By participating in an event of Global Flow participants agrees to the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.

3.    Global Flow may from time to time amend these General Terms and Conditions. The most recent version of the Terms and Conditions is always the version that is applicable and is always available at the Website.    


3. Payment and Price Changes

1.    Global Flow reserves the right to change the prices. Discounts offered on events after the participant completed his/her booking and payment make them no longer eligible for the specific discount. 


4. Schedule

1.    The schedule of the retreat is mentioned in the information document of the specific retreat on the Website. Global Flow reserves the right to change the schedule of the Retreat, Teacher Training, Workshop/Intensive, or Masterclass at any time before or during the retreat.  


5. Teachers

1.    Global Flow reserves the right to substitute the teacher on the Retreat, Teacher Training, Workshop/Intensive. or Masterclass or reschedules the event due to sickness or force majeure that causes the original teacher to not be available on the scheduled dates.  


6. Liability

1.    Attending Workshops/Intensives, Retreats, and Teacher Trainings and leaving belongings in the location that the event is held at, are at the participant's own risk. Global Flow accepts no liability whatsoever for physical injury, loss or damage relating to a participant's attending Workshops/Intensives, Masterclasses, Teacher Trainings or Retreats and leaving belongings at the event venue.

2.    Global Flow works exclusively with certified yoga teachers and always ensures high-quality yoga classes. Even so, a Student always runs the risk of receiving an injury during a yoga class. By participating in a yoga event organized by Global Flow, the Student accepts this risk of an injury.

3.    The Participant will never engage Global Flow, the Teachers, or any of the supporting staff, in legal proceedings relating to possible damages in whatever form, that may be the result of participation in the Workshop/Intensive, Masterclass, Retreat, or Teacher Training, as the case may be.

4.    Although we strive to only provide correct information on our website, we are not liable for any inaccuracy and no rights can be derived therefrom.  


7. Governing Law and Dispute Settlement

1.    The General Terms and Conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

2.    Any disputes relating to the General Terms and Conditions, any participant’s attending Workshops/Intensives, Masterclass, Retreats, or Teacher Trainings organized by Global Flow are settled exclusively by the competent court in Amsterdam or any higher court.   


8. Participation in Workshops/Intensives, Masterclass, Teacher Trainings and/or Retreats and Registration Fee

1.    A Participant may participate in a Workshop/Intensive, Masterclass, Teacher Training or Retreat after he or she has registered for it with Global Flow Retreats online in advance and paid the full price. A place in the Workshop/Intensive, Masterclass, Teacher Training or Retreat is guaranteed after Global Flow has received payment of the Price or the Deposit.

2.    For some Workshops/Intensives, Masterclasses,Teacher Trainings and Retreats, an “Early Bird Rate” applies. This reduced rate applies until the date and for the number of participants specified on the Website. After this date and/or after reaching the maximum number of participants that this rate can apply to is reached, the normal rate, which is also specified on the Website, applies without exception.  


9. Payments and Prices

1.    The Price for a Workshop/Intensive, Masterclass, Retreat or Teacher Training can be found on the Global Flow website.

2.    Payments for a Workshop/Intensive, Masterclass, Teacher Training or Retreat must be made before the event is held. Payments can be made via bank transfer.

3.    In the event of participation in a Retreat for the regular rate, the Deposit must be paid upon booking. The balance must be paid on the date mentioned in the information document available on the website on the webpage of that specific retreat.    

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