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October 7, 2019

Last month we traveled with a beautiful group of yogis to Peru for a week-long retreat in the Peruvian rainforest followed by a trip along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Definitely a bucket-list trip for many of us! The retreat happened to coincide with the massive forest fires in Brazil taking over the news and social media. This made the theme of the retreat, biodiversity and re-forestation, even more important and clearly needed! 

We started our trip at Chirapa Manta, a beautiful eco-lodge in the Peruvian rainforest, welcomed and taken care of by the owners Claudia, Javier and Martin. The beauty, the smells, the sounds... the rainforest is simply magical and nourishing in so many ways. We got to take it all in while enjoying yoga classes with Steffi Grube i...

September 18, 2019

The past weekend we enjoyed an eye opening weekend with Leslie Kaminoff! Leslie offered his teachings for the first time in Amsterdam and we hosted him and 100 dedicated yogis in the beautiful van Houten church. 

Leslie is a direct student of T.K.V. Desikachar and has been teaching for over four decades. As the co-writer of 'Yoga Anatomy' he has had a big impact in the development of the new generations of teachers as his book is part of the curriculum of most teacher trainings. 

During the weekend Leslie shared the evolution of yoga, yoga anatomy, breathing practices, and his teachings with us. Questioning everything, while honouring the tradition, his teachings invited us to have a new experience in our body and a new understanding about why we practice the way we...

July 8, 2019

A weekend in church is one of our yearly highlights! For her 4th year in Amsterdam with us, Meghan created her beautiful intensive 'Breath is Boss'. All we can say is that is truly was! 

We gathered in the impressive Zuiderkerk in the heart of the city. The combination of the tranquility of the church with the hustle and bustle of city life, tourism and the excitement of the Summer, is aways magical. Silence and the peace that comes with the practice can be created in the most unlikely places. 

Meghan has an amazing talent, not just as a yoga teacher, but also as a space holder and connecter. Even though a group of almost 140 yogi's from all over the world gathered in church, the connection in the group is tangible, every single person is and feels seen. As we were...

November 22, 2018

We got to enjoy a beautiful week filled with yoga and bodywork in Morocco and came back even more enthusiastic about this combination than we already were! So what made this retreat so special? 

First of all, Morocco is a beautiful and heartwarming country, which is why we have offered so many retreats here already and always keep coming back for more! Friendly, welcoming people, beautiful nature, ancient history and a sense of community that for many of us is lost in the countries where we live. And of course the food is pretty tasty too! For this retreat we stayed in a beautiful resort close to Essaouira, away from the wind, but only a shuttle drive away from the beach and the lovely city of Essaouira. 

The yoga shala was the perfect setting for our yoga and bodywo...

Sound baths are popular and with reason! The word ‘sound bath’ alone already sounds appealing and relaxing, like taking hot bath... But what is a sound bath and why is it such a powerful practice? Goedele Leyssen will be visiting Amsterdam 15 December for a full day workshop on yoga, restful sleep and of course sound bathing. She can tell you all about this beautiful ancient practice. 

What is a sound bath?

Sound bathing is the practice of relaxing while an ocean of sound waves is created with a gong, Tibetan singing boles or other instruments. The gong has been used as a healing instrument for centuries. Sources describe the use of the gong as far back as 16000 B.C.

During the sound bath you are comfortably laying down on a yoga or meditation mat. You can cover yours...

When we go to bed at night and turn off the light, our body relaxes. It starts to detox and repair where needed. If you have a hard time falling a sleep and often spend hours tossing and turning, or wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall a sleep again, your body can’t recover fully. This will make it is hard to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day the morning.

How to make sure your hours under the covers leave you feeling rested and happy, is what Goedele Leyssen specialises in!

Below she will share 10 easy tips to get the restful sleep you need. You can also join her 15 December in the Vondelchurch in Amsterdam for her ‘Sweet Dreams’ workshop. A day filled with yoga, deep relaxation, lifestyle and nutrition tips and a sound bath with an Earth G...

September 2, 2018

Yoga and bodywork often have a lot in common and aim to create a sense of openness, freedom and relaxation in the body. And even though the approaches are different, there is a lot of overlap in the way different tissues in the body are treated. When you feel stuck in your body or are starting to notice little aches and pains after a stressful period, it is of course helpful to book a massage. But it often offers only temporary relief. Knowing how to use bodywork as well yoga techniques in your own practice and daily life, for your family or as a yoga teacher or bodywork is of great value when you want to live a lifestyle that allows your body thrive and stay healthy and pain free. This is exactly why we are bringing these two disciplines together on the ‘Alchemy...

August 9, 2018

Irina Verwer is one of our favourite yoga and Ayurveda teachers, and a great life coach. Her broad knowledge of yoga, food and creating a balanced lifestyle guarantees that she always has the perfect tips to live in alignment with your surrounding and thrive no matter the season we are in. So to make sure you get to enjoy all the goodness the sun has to offer Irina shares some of het favourite tips and tricks. They are guaranteed to get you through this amazing Summer we are having with a glowing, healthy skin and a fully recharged body!

August 6, 2018

The retreat in Mallorca was bound to be special! Sheri Celentano and I started planning this retreat about a year and a half in advance and it all started with the desire to add sustainability and awareness of the ripple effects we all create, to the program of the retreat.  With retreats already being such a special opportunity for us to have a closer look at our habits, motivations and desires, they are the perfect place to start when we want to get more insight into what it takes to put our values into action and make choices on an individual level, that serve the planet and humanity as a whole. It has been my dream for quite some time to make this part of the retreats we offer and this retreat is the first one where we made it happen.

July 24, 2018

This was the 3rd Summer in a row that we organised the weekend intensive with Meghan Currie in the beautiful Vondelchurch in Amsterdam. This event is such a sweet gathering of yogis from all over the world! Every year seems to get a little more special as we see familiar faces from previous years and new faces of yogis joining us for the first time, all coming together to move in the beautiful flows Meghan offers. Her teaching is both inspirational and precise, coming from a deep personal practice seasoned with all the life experiences that tend to come our way when we live with our hearts wide open. What a blessing to be able to practice and dive deep with her for an entire weekend!

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