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 Yoga Intensive with Meghan Currie

Once a year Meghan visits us in Amsterdam and we turn a beautiful church into a love-filled space for yogis from all over the world to connect, learn and play! Join us this year for the 4th edition of this epic event! This year we will welcome you in the Zuiderkerk in the heart of Amsterdam. 



Breath, the force that animates us from the moment we arrive until the moment we transition and is with us every moment, every step, of the journey of our life.  Breathing is so automatic and “regular” that it can largely go unnoticed, its effects becoming unrealized or taken for granted. By becoming increasingly aware of this animating force, we can intensify the potency of each moment and conduct greater awareness, appreciation and, enjoyment in our life. Through conscious breath and conscious breath-flow movement,  an intimate and inspiring conversation is lit. A dialogue we can tap into at any time that will always bring us to the here and now.  

Our breath is the great revealer, it does not lie and will always tell us where we are at.  As we untangle the origins of the meaning of breath, new insight can be revealed that will further expand our experiential palate.

This weekend intensive will be a curious journey, an opportunity to explore deep into your internal layers and to nurture and grow your relationship with your breath.  Each session will unfold a new layer of practices designed sequentially to refine your skills, capacities and, sensitivities for uncovering new layers of breath flow experiencing. 


Join me for a deep journey of re-engaging intimately with the miracle of Breath. 



DATES: 28 - 30 June 2019



TEACHER: Meghan Currie




Zuiderkerkhof 72

1011 WB Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Friday 28 June:      18:00 - 20:30 hrs 
Saturday 29 June:  10:30 -13:30

                                15:30 - 18:00 hrs
Sunday 30 June:     9:30 - 12:30 hrs




  • 11 hours of yoga

  • Sunday lunch

  • Goody bag



  • Dynamic practice: Asanas intelligently sequenced to ignite and untangle the body-mind, creating more room for circulation of inspiration  

  • Seated/supine breath exercises 

  • Techniques and tools for “riding breath” and channeling breath for specific use in different asanas and transitions

  • Personal inquiry using breath as the conversationalist between mind and body 

  • Breath-flow medicine sequence for your home practice

  • Guided meditation/reflection  

Meghan Currie
Meghan Currie
Global Flow Yoga in Vondelkerk
Meghan Currie in Amsterdam
Meghan Currie
Yoga Intensive Global Flow Amsterdam

In order to get to know another human being, we engage in conversation, asking questions and listening to their story they share through words, expression and body language. If we have too many presumptions about the person we are getting to know, we limit our ability to understand who they really are. Breath is the same. For each of us, our personal experience of breathing will impact us in a unique way. There are many facts, tools, and exercises that can be extremely useful to know, however, these can also get in the way of having a pure experience of the breath as it is.  In this session we will spark up new conversations and discover and experience of the sensations of the breath. Ultimately, it is ones own personal experiencing of breathing that will ferment to wisdom and become the foundation for a personal intimate connection to this force.  


When movement is initiated and executed primarily on a thought, movement becomes effort orientated and calls upon primarily gross physical engagements. With this, the amount of total body-mind awareness and overall energy can diminish. 
With every breath, there is an inner massage, as the energy of breath moves in specific ways inside. By sensitizing to the inner movements of breath we can cultivate the energy of the breath, or Prana, and raise energy levels, creating an ease of movement, enhanced buoyancy, and stability. 
Movement that is initiated and executed largely on breath allows the body-mind to collect and cultivate greater amounts of energy.  Movement becomes meditative, giving the quality of riding or surfing on the breath.  

In this session, carrying forward the skills learned in session one, we will explore movement initiation awareness to cultivate breath surfing skills.


Just as a mirror can be angled to reflect light in a chosen direction or water is ushered and held in place by the river banks, the aspects of breath that travel within can be co-created with for specific purposes by isolating specific physical actions, through mental focusing and heightening of sensational perceptivity.  

In this session we will add the layer of intentionally directing  the breath in transition and internal action. 


“Life is an embellishment, an enrichment, an overflowing, and if you begin to care for your own life, if you plant and water it, if you train it to grow upwards it will flourish and, in flourishing, it will awaken cells and faculties within you whose existence you have never even suspected” ~Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

With all of the seedlings of the previous sessions embedded, this session is the opportunity to play it all together. To experiment with the conversations of breath and body-mind, initiation and direction to all come together in one inspired flow.

This final session is followed by a lunch at the square in front of the church. 

Meghan Currie


Meghan Currie is electric, potent, infectious. She is a creator, moulding the light and dark within herself into yoga classes and art which are expansive journeys through inner layers. She works with the powerful healing mechanisms of the body-mind, intuiting higher truths, deeper stories, in the service of revelation.

What to expect
There is a depth, an intensity to the experience of each practice with Meghan. Deliciously composed, intentionally sequenced, beautifully fluid; It is a journey through inner layers to heart and to truth. This kind of journey is revelatory, which means it shows you everything; Whatever there is inside of you that you have avoided or forgotten.

It is a process of unwinding, as though you were a tangled ball of yarn, each day bringing a new section of yarn to be worked, with love and patience and acceptance. Each day you practice a surrendering to the emotions that rear, and an openness to receive the lessons they offer.

Meghan will teach you to tap into your authenticity, your truth. She will show you that at the very heart of your tangled ball of yarn is something very important, some golden thread of wisdom that only you are able to reach, and pluck out, and show to the world.

Yoga Intensive with Meghan Currie
Zuiderkerk Amsterdam
Meghan Currie
Zuiderkerk Amsterdam
Yoga Intensive Amsterdam
Yoga Workshop Amsterdam
Zuiderkerk Amsterdam

We will gather in the beautiful Zuiderkerk in the center of Amsterdam, just behind the Nieuwmarkt. The church was built between 1603 - 1611and was in use until 1929 after which it had many different functions. In 1968 the city bought the church and restored it to the beautiful state it currently is in, so we can enjoy it during this beautiful event. 


We love hosting events in churches as the history an beauty of the church combined with the teachings and coming together of so many lovely people, truly makes for a magical weekend! 


The church is easy to reach with public transport and walking distance from the central train station. 

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