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Global Flow Yoga Retreat Portugal with Nicole Bongartz & Frank Schuler 2017

 'Ocean Ahimsa' - Yoga Retreat Mallorca

  • Yoga Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra

  • Stay 7 nights right at a beautiful retreat center

  • Enjoy daily yoga classes (18 hours) and meditation (3,5 hours)

  • Learn more about how to connect your yoga practice to the choices you make in your daily life. 

  • A day trip takes you to some of Mallorca's best snorkeling spots

  • Enjoy delicious home-cooked vegetarian meals

  • Clean the beach project with Asociacion Ondine

  • Practice with two senior teachers

  • Connect with like-minded people, making friends for a lifetime while enjoying all the beauty Mallorca has to offer


DATES: 21 -28 July 2018


TEACHERS: Sheri Celentano & Suze Retera


LOCATION: Mallorca



  • 7 Nights’ accommodation 

  • 18 hours of yoga

  • 3,5 hours of meditation

  • sustainability module

  • Boat tour on a pirate ship with snorkeling

  • Clean the beach project with education

  • Tasty and nourishing brunch and dinner (vegetarian)

  • Morning and afternoon snacks

  • Unlimited water and tea

Main House | Double Room: €1497

Main House | Triple Suite: €1477

Apartment | Double Room: €1547
Dormitory | Double Room: €1447

Dormitory | Quadruple Room: €1397

At this ‘Ocean Ahimsa' Yoga Retreat Mallorca you get the unique opportunity to enjoy a complete yoga program, the luxury of staying at a beautiful retreat location in combination with learning more about Mallorca's amazing marine life and enjoying all the beauty Mallorca has to offer!


Sheri Celentano’s yoga classes connect you to your body, allowing you to open up, relax deeply and feel energized and empowered again. Suze Retera will take you on an inner journey with the Sustainability module filled with inner explorations, yoga nidra, contemplation and practical information. 


On this Ocean Ahimsa retreat, we will look closer at the power of applying Ahimsa (non-violence) in your daily life and towards the environment we live in.


In the middle of the week, we take you on a beautiful boat trip to one of the best snorkeling spots. The local ocean preservation project Asociacion Ondine will teach us what their research over the past years has been showing them and how we can be part of the solution.


In your free time, Mallorca is there for you to enjoy! You can go for a walk, take a trip to the beach, relax by the pool, or simply do nothing and relax in the sun!

Yoga Teacher Sheri Celentano
Tramuntana Flow Mallorca
Yoga Retreat Mallorca
Vegetarian meals
Retreat center mallorca
Suze Retera
Tramuntana Flow Yoga Retreat
Yoga Retreat Mallorca

Yoga Retreats offer a unique opportunity to become still, dive deep and reconnect. Connecting with ourselves opens the door for us to connect to life and the world we live in on a deeper level. This can feel like coming home, but can also be painful as we become fully aware of the current state of our planet and how our collective actions have contributed to it. 


From this place of connection, we will explore in a non-judgemental way, what our feelings and desires are around the issue, what drives us in our choices and what options we have if we like to make a change. 


We will join the local project Asociacion Ondine on this retreat in their efforts to learn more about marine life and how to protect it, and the avoid the use and clean up the pollution of single-use plastic.


On our day trip, we get to clean the beach and study what we find. Brad, the founder of the association, will share his knowledge with us about the different items we find, their effect on the ecosystem and the lifestyle changes we can make in order to avoid the use of these items in our daily lives. 


The day trip continues on a boat as we get to visit some of the best one snorkeling areas where we get to experience the abundance of the marine life in the Balearic.

Snorkling Mallorca
Sheri Celentano


Sheri is a Brooklyn native with a passion for all things movement and music. She teaches yoga in NYC at Laughing Lotus and travels nationwide and internationally for workshops, performances, festivals, conferences, and teacher trainings.


She worked all over the US, Korea, Vietnam, Germany, England, Holland, England, Belize, and Mexico! Over the past decade, Sheri created signature FLY workshops, CHAKRA teacher trainings, lectures on mythology, and the art of yoga asana.


When she teaches, she infuses her classes with her years of practice to create a safe space for her students to let loose, shake free of inhibitions, and to challenge themselves on a physical and emotional level. 


As a teacher Sheri's mission is to help people find courage, strength, and compassion for themselves and others, so we may all live passionately and peacefully.

Suze Retera


Suze is a Psychologist and certified yoga teacher. Throughout the years she deepened her knowledge in both fields by adding Family Constellations, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) and Yoga Nidra to her qualifications.  


Her passion for travel, a conscious lifestyle and (self) healing inspired her to start Global Flow Retreats in 2010. Global Flow Retreats offers retreat programs that have the power to transform your life.


Suze believes strongly that the holistic powers of combining yoga with disciplines like mindfulness, Ayurveda, trauma and stress release practices, or family constellations offer all the tools we need to not only find inspiration but to gain insight and find the healing that can alter the course of our lives.


The next step in this evolution is to use these tools and understanding of our connectedness to create a sustainable lifestyle that supports the eco-system we are a part of instead of depleting it. The sustainability module on the special retreats facilitates this process.


We will be staying at Tramuntana Flow in the beautiful mountains, a beautiful place of peace that offers you simplicity and comfort.

The yoga shala, where we will have our daily practices, is flooded with natural light and the 3 big window-doors offer the magnificent views of the valley and mountains. 


The gardens offer a wonderful space to relax and read under the shade of palm trees and you can go for a refreshing swim in the large outdoor swimming pool. 


You will enjoy home cooked vegetarian meals, that will nurture both your body as well as your taste buds.


You will find a clear description of the different room options in the information document or on the registration page when you click here or on the 'register now' button.

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