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Global Flow Yoga Retreat Portugal with Nicole Bongartz & Frank Schuler 2017

Alchemy of Touch - Yoga & Bodywork Retreat Morocco

A unique yoga retreat that offers you the opportunity to receive and relax deeply, while expanding your knowledge of yoga and bodywork.

Join bodyworkers Tapesh Paradiso and Anouk Devi and yoga teacher Suze Retera in sunny Morocco for a unique retreat that combines yoga with the bodywork techniques of the Alchemy of Touch. A daily schedule that combines deep meditation, yoga asana, bodywork, and myo-fascia release techniques and plenty of free time, allows you to gain a better understanding of the relationship between yoga and bodywork and how these two practices enhance each other.


All this while enjoying colorful Morocco, delicious home cooked meals, days at the beach, and a day trip to beautiful Essaouira. Staying at a beautiful resort right in between the beach and the forest, you get to relax, enjoy the silence and connect by unplugging from your daily life.  

By the time you go home you have not only received healing practices for yourself but also gained knowledge and tools that you can apply in your own practice or share with others as a (yoga) teacher or bodyworker.


A regular yoga practice is preferable when joining this retreat but not necessary.

  • Spend 7 nights at a beautiful resort in nature close to the beach

  • Study with 3 senior teachers

  • Learn more about the role the nervous system and psoas muscle play in physical and emotional healing

  • Cultivate body awareness and conscious touch

  • Daily deep meditation sessions

  • Daily yoga classes and workshops

  • Daily body work classes

  • Learn practices that you can include in your daily life to increase health and wellness


DATES: 3 - 10 November 2018


TEACHERS: Tapesh Paradiso, Anouk Devi & Suze Retera


LOCATION: Essaouira, Morocco



  • 7 nights accommodation at a resort in Essaouira 

  • Healthy and nourishing meals 

  • Water, tea, and snacks 

  • Shuttles to and from the beach 

  • Day trip to Essaouira 

  • 9 hours of guided meditation 

  • 12 hours of Alchemy of Touch Bodywork training 

  • 15 hours of Yoga    


Double Room: €1347 (early bird: €1097)
Single Room: €1647 (early bird: €1397)



Early bird discount of €250,- is available for the first 10 registrations with a full payment before 30 August 2018 only. To make use of the early bird discount please enter EARLYBIRD as the discount code.



Alchemy of touch brings the world of massage to the next level of consciousness... It is unique and very necessary in this world full of misunderstanding... it brings clearness and light in your body and in your entire being!

Marco Gemellaro ~ Italy


AMAZING! I am so excited to begin practicing with this incredible form. I feel like I have been gifted the wisdom of true masters. If you are looking for a truly unique technique with the tools to work in a specific therapeutic way, this is it. A fun and deeply transformational experience. Thankyou!!!! Haylee Clare ~ Yoga Teacher

Nicole Bongartz


Tapesh is passionately involved with the healing arts. For more than 28 years he has been living and working throughout the world as a Therapist, Bodywork Trainer and Meditation Teacher, practiced many different massage techniques from all over the world and with more than two decades of experience with touch, body-mind journey and meditation, Tapesh developed a unique fusion that is now called ‘Alchemy of Touch’.


Alchemy of Touch has its roots in Osho Rebalancing Massage. Tapesh modified and improved this professional technique, creating a less static, more artistic and poetic form, working without any effort! Tapesh also introduces the best methods from his broad education across many modalities of massage. His own innovative method ‘Fluid Touch’ brings to life this powerful form of massage & body-mind work, which focuses on physical & energetic release from the Myo-fascia.


Tapesh is dedicated to transmitting the wisdom he has gathered over his lifetime through Alchemy of Touch massage trainings, private bodywork sessions and through his mentorship of many students worldwide.

Nicole Bongartz


Anouk is a Bodywork Therapist & Trainer, Personal Coach, Trauma-stress Therapist & Yin Yoga Teacher. Her focus is in creating a truly holistic approach toward supporting the body-mind synergy.


Anouk worked for 7 years in Mental Health Care, providing mental and physical support to those in need. In her early twenties she started an intense journey with her own physical health; a path which guided her toward an experiential understanding of the power of natural healing, and which sparked her fascination with fascia. Anouk has deep respect and gratitude for this life-changing opportunity from which she shares her insights to empower others in the most natural way.


Anouk has an innate connection with ancient wisdom teachings. Living in India and the East are an important part of her inspiration. Together with her life partner Tapesh, Anouk shares Alchemy of Touch Trainings. She is also the driving force in providing all that is needed for the Alchemy of Touch Academy; to support and meet everyone’s needs to learn in the most relaxed and profound way, with ongoing guidance and support of practitioners around the globe.

Nicole Bongartz


Suze is a Psychologist and certified yoga teacher. Throughout the years she deepened her knowledge in both fields by adding Family Constellations, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) and Yoga Nidra to her qualifications.


Her passion for travel, a conscious lifestyle and (self) healing inspired her to start Global Flow Retreats in 2006. Global Flow Retreats offers retreat programs that have the power to transform your life.


Suze believes strongly that the holistic approach of combining yoga with disciplines like mindfulness, Ayurveda, trauma- and stress release practices, or family constellations offer all the tools we need to not only find inspiration but to gain insight and find the healing that can alter the course of our lives.

Her yoga teaching style is a combination of challenging asana sequences, focus on alignment, deep embodiment, and self-healing. The challenging parts of the practice are met with humor and clear guidance that keeps you safe and grounded. Suze's yoga nidra and meditation classes offer you a relaxation that goes beyond just physical relaxation and allows healing to take place on a deeper level. 

Yoga Retreat Essaouira
Alchemy of Touch in Morocco
Yoga Retreat Morocco
Yoga in Morocco
Essaouira Lodge Morocco
Moroccan Nature
Alchemy of Touch
Yoga Retreat Morocco


For over 10 years, Alchemy of Touch has been operating globally, educating both beginners & advanced practitioners in the art of touch. Their holistic practice is infused with deep meditative intuition as we penetrate the mechanics of bodywork and take students into the heart of healing.


The increasing global movement of Yoga & other embodied practices demands the integration of conscious bodywork in order to progress toward a truly holistic transformational movement.


Alchemy of Touch is a dynamic & poetic form of transformational bodywork developed by Tapesh Paradiso, expanded with the expertise of Anouk Devi. It is designed to elevate massage and bodywork to a new level by harmonizing both musculoskeletal and energetic techniques from many different Eastern and Western modalities.


Tapesh and Anouk teach with joy, humor & playfulness and they love to laugh. They are passionate about what they do and like to keep the vibration high. The Alchemy of Touch Massage Academy is an Accredited Training Provider by IPHM, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.


You will stay at a beautiful retreat center Essaouira Lodge in the thuja forest, just outside of Essaouira and only a short shuttle ride away from the stunning Moroccan coastline. 
The beautiful accommodation is made of natural stone and located sheltered from the wind. It is the perfect peaceful place to enjoy the Moroccan sunshine. 

Your room has a private bathroom and will be in a 3-bedroom villa with a shared living room, kitchen and swimming pool. All double rooms can be equipped with two single beds or one double bed. 

At the retreat center, you can book Hamam treatments and massages.  


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