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Weekend Yoga & Music Intensive


We are excited to host Lara Zilibowitz and Benny Holloway in Amsterdam for the first time! Lara and Benny created a unique offering together that goes well beyond what yoga and music have to offer separately. They draw from embodied wisdom from different lineages, creating a practice that allows for creativity, free expression, embodiment, and new insights. Lara's poetic teaching style is enhanced by Benny's hypnotic music. So, get ready for some true magic! 

The weekend consists of two days that build on each other. Joining both days allows you to fully immerse and really benefit from the transformational power of their teachings. Allow yourself the time and space to tap into your body, your creativity, and your sense of freedom. It will be worth it!


Dates coming soon...



with Lara Zilibowitz & Holloway


11 Hours of Teaching

Saturday: 10:30 - 17:30 

Sunday: 10:30 - 17:30

with 1,5 hour break





Two Days €280

The Immersion: Metamorphosis

'And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.'

Join international yoga teacher and art therapist Lara Zilibowitz & mystical musician Benny Holloway on a transformative two-day journey into embodied freedom and expression.

Just like a caterpillar entering into a chrysalis, this weekend is an ecstatic rite of passage for anyone who feels the longing to wake up to their wild, unbound, and expansive nature. To remember who they really are, when they’re not striving to be someone they’re not… 

Throughout the weekend you will be guided through a dynamic mix of modalities, from yoga, embodiment, meditation, and breathwork, to vocal expression and transcendental sound journeys as well as shamanic technologies of dance and creative art externalization, to break free from the barriers that hold you back from fully taking flight.

Saturday: The Chrysalis

The Immersion will start on Saturday with an opening circle and a full yoga and meditation practice. After the break, you will be guided through a session to activate your voice and allow for vocal release. The day will be closed with a bodywork integration.

Sunday: The Descent & The Rebirth

Sunday starts again with a full yoga and breathwork practice. After the break, you will be taken on an expressive arts journey. Toward the end of the day, all practices will be integrated, getting you ready to move back into your life with new connections, experiences, and clarity. 

Dates coming soon...
This Immersion is for Anyone craving:
  • To connect deeply with the wisdom of your body

  • To remember your intrinsic creative genius

  • To experience the freedom and aliveness always available to you

  • To explore your internal landscape and how to move as who you truly are

  • To release old patterns of contraction and fear

  • To engage in a personal full-bodied flowering into your essence

Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway
Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway
Lara and Benny
Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway
Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway
Yoga event Amsterdam
Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway

Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway


Lara Zilibowitz is an internationally touring yoga teacher and transpersonal art therapist renowned for her fluid teaching style delivered with heartfelt poetic prose.

Each practice with Lara is an invitation to sensitise back to your wild, untamed, original nature as you map the topography of your inner wildness with every breath and movement. With a focus on embodied curiosity and compassionate inquiry, she holds space for you to connect back with your innate embodied wisdom as a portal to unlocking who you truly are.


Lara is founder of Body Poetry Yoga and Art of Being Retreats, hosting masterclasses, teacher trainings and retreats around Australia and the world.

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We are gathering at the beautiful van Houten Church in Amsterdam-Weesp, only a 15-minute train ride from Amsterdam Central Station. This beautiful church with wooden floors offers a unique atmosphere and all the comfort you need for this training. During your lunch break, you can have a stroll along the picturesque canals in Weesp. There are different lunch options and stores, or you can enjoy the weather sitting on one of the terraces by the water.

Dates coming soon...
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