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Aha-Moments with Leslie Kaminoff

The past weekend we enjoyed an eye opening weekend with Leslie Kaminoff! Leslie offered his teachings for the first time in Amsterdam and we hosted him and 100 dedicated yogis in the beautiful van Houten church.

Leslie is a direct student of T.K.V. Desikachar and has been teaching for over four decades. As the co-writer of 'Yoga Anatomy' he has had a big impact in the development of the new generations of teachers as his book is part of the curriculum of most teacher trainings.

During the weekend Leslie shared the evolution of yoga, yoga anatomy, breathing practices, and his teachings with us. Questioning everything, while honouring the tradition, his teachings invited us to have a new experience in our body and a new understanding about why we practice the way we do. As always, the questions lead to more questions than answers most of the time and for each aha-moment, there were at least as many moments of confusion ;) Confusion which is part of learning and allows us to question what we thought we knew, so there is space for a new understanding to arrive.

We can't wait to host Leslie again in 2020 and learn more from this embodied teacher. As soon as the new dates are confirmed they will be published on the website. For now, you can enjoy an impression of this beautiful weekend in church.

Enjoy! Suze

Pictures by Lydia Mann & Suze Retera

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