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Survive the Winter with Sound Baths! How does it actually work?

Sound baths are popular and with reason! The word ‘sound bath’ alone already sounds appealing and relaxing, like taking hot bath... But what is a sound bath and why is it such a powerful practice? Goedele Leyssen will be visiting Amsterdam 15 December for a full day workshop on yoga, restful sleep and of course sound bathing. She can tell you all about this beautiful ancient practice.

What is a sound bath?

Sound bathing is the practice of relaxing while an ocean of sound waves is created with a gong, Tibetan singing boles or other instruments. The gong has been used as a healing instrument for centuries. Sources describe the use of the gong as far back as 16000 B.C.

During the sound bath you are comfortably laying down on a yoga or meditation mat. You can cover yourself with a blanket, use pillows for support and cover your eyes if you like. Some gentle stretches before the sound bath can help you to relax. The sounds have a very relaxing effect on the nervous system, body and mind, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and revitalised like after a long massage.

In the Kundalini yoga tradition, the gong is often used at the end of a yoga session or right after a meditation to deepen the effects.

Sound traveling through water

A sound bath is based on the understanding that we consist of energy and all our cells vibrate at a certain frequency. When our body is healthy and we have a positive mind set, this frequency differs from when we feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Sound can travel through water. Our body consists for 60% or more of water, which allows the sound vibrations to enter our cells, release blocked energy and, in this way, bring emotional and physical harmony. The effect is an improvement in overall health and wellness.

Your body and brain in a sound bath

The sounds from the gong impact the phase of your breath and heart rate, and help you to reach an alpha brainwave state. Our brain is in an alpha brainwaves state when we are create and deeply relaxed. After that a theta brainwave state follows. This state is associated with deep meditation, hypnosis and REM sleep. This is why you can have vivid dreams during a gong bath. Another option is that old emotions come up, so blocked energy can be released. This process can be a little bit uncomfortable, but as long as you stay with your breath, you are fine.

Tradition meets science

Did you know that you can see the physical effect of a gong bath under a microscope? A live blood-analysis shows how active and energised our blood cells are afterwards. This means our body is detoxing and our immune system is boosted.

This Youtube video tells you more about it:

A very special gong: the Earth Year gong

For the Sweet Dreams workshop 15 December in Amsterdam, Goedele will use the Earth Year Gong. The Earth Year gong is sometimes also called the Ohm gong. It is a planetary gong. Her frequency is tuned to the frequency that is emitted by planet earth when she orbits around the sun. This is why the Earth Year gong has very strong healing and grounding qualities. She opens your heart, supports your body and mind and helps to find balance.

Ready to experience a sound bath for yourself? You can join Goedele Leyssen 15 December in the Vondelchurch in Amsterdam for a full day workshop combining yoga practices, nutritional tips for restful sleep and a sound bath with the Earth Year gong, which will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and equipped with new tools to have sweet dreams!

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