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'Living with Ease' Tantrik Yoga Retreat Portugal

stunning surroundings of Montevelho Eco Retreats, Portugal, and learn how the original Classical Tantrik Yoga practices effectively connect you to a source of inner power, freedom and joy, without having to abandon our responsibilities or disconnect from daily life.


The phrase 'Tantrik Yoga' refers to a panoply of powerful ancient practices of meditation, awareness cultivation, and activation of the energy body. Tantrik Yoga must be clearly distinguished from modern postural yoga and sexual practices sometimes labeled 'tantric', though it can be combined with either or both of these.


World-renowned teacher Dr. Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis, Scholar and practitioner of Non-Dual Shiva Shakti Tantra, will lead Satsangs and Micro-Meditations throughout this 6-day-retreat. Since most of the source material for Classical Tantra exists only in Sanskrit (and Tibetan), it is rare to find a teacher who can read those sources and present their contents in clear, accessible modern English. Christopher Wallis has become well-known for his down-to-earth accessibility and clarity in presenting truly powerful and impactful teachings and practices. Hareesh will guide you through a rich panoply of teachings and practices from the Shiva-Shakti tradition, carefully curated to create a maximally impactful and life-changing experience.


The retreat will be enhanced by carefully instructed yoga asana classes with  Anusara yoga teacher Sandra von Zabiensky, which focus on practicing with ease and grace.


You will leave this retreat not only nourished but also with a new sense of freedom and joy which are not affected by life circumstances. Free yourself with ease and joy and discover your life unfolding in grace.

01/ Dates

25 April - 1 May  2022

02/ Teachers

Dr. Christopher Wallis

Sandra von Zabiensky

03/ Location

Retreat: Eco Retreat Center 


04/ Retreat Package

6 Nights accommodation

All Satsang and Philosophy Classes with Christopher

All Yoga Classes with Sandra

3 Vegetarian meals a day

Use of the facilities at the retreat center

05/ Price

Regular Price:

Single Room          €1749

Double Room       €1399

Triple Room          €1299

Quadruple Room  €1149

Dormitory              €1099

Tantrik Yoga and Non- Dualism for Daily Life

Living with ease and flow is available when we remember to pause. Rejuvenate yourself with this potentially life-changing retreat in the 

Retreat Highlights
  • Yoga Style: Tantrik Yoga, Philosophy, Vinyasa yoga, Meditation

  • Learn Non-Dual Shiva Tantra in a way that supports you in daily life

  • Daily Satsang with Christopher Wallis

  • Practice Yoga Asana

  • Study with two senior teachers 

  • Study with a teacher that can offer you the teachings directly from its untranslated source

  • Enjoy a week of deepening practices to take care of yourself 

  • Stay at a beautiful eco-resort close to the beach in the middle of nature

  • Enjoy healthy home-cooked vegetarian meals

Tantric Yoga Retreat Portugal
Christopher Wallis Retreat Portugal
Sandra von Zabiensky Yoga Retreat
Tantric Yoga Retreat Portugal
Christopher Wallis RetreaSH_WALLIS_1
Tantric Yoga Retreat Portugal
Christopher Wallis Retreat Portugal
Tantric Yoga Retreat Portugal
The Teachers

During the retreat, you will be staying at the beautiful eco-retreat center Motevelho in the middle of nature. Located close to the beach there is a comfortable ocean breeze. Bearer of magical aromas, the different plants, many of which therapeutic, surround the multiple paths you can take a walk on, some ending between dunes of fine sand by the ocean, others at the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

The holistic retreat center is designed to offer all the comfort and space you need for your practices. Classes take place in the temple “Casa das Pinhas” made with round wood architecture and heated. Between activities, you can relax in a variety of calm and peaceful spaces in different areas of the retreat center. The rooms are cozy and comfortable with simple decoration.

The retreat center also offers a Spa for you to enjoy.

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