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5 Tips on How to Explore Magical Peru

Yoga retreats can be a very healing process. It is not only time you take off your regular life and your job/ family/ relationships but also you take information in: Where to go next?', 'What to do when you come home?'. It is so nourishing to move the body in a healing way and combine breath work and yoga nidra to go deeper within – in combination with a faraway country known for its healing powers, plants and historical sites.

Whatever your reason is for going on a retreat – I highly recommend spending some more days before or after to either get grounded before the retreat starts, or explore the country with a rested, open mind after the retreat is finished. In this blog you'll find some of my best recommendations on what to do in Peru to make your journey complete.

The 'Creating Magic' Yoga & Awareness Retreat in Peru aims to offer you deep relaxation and a new connection to yourself and the world we live in. This is why we chose Chirapa Manta for the accommodation during the retreat. It offers the wild and nourishing atmosphere of being in the middle of the jungle. The people who work at Chirapa live in and with this magic rain forest. They are super happy to tell you all they know!

Can't wait to go to Peru, you can join Steffi and Suze on the 'Creating Magic' Yoga & Awareness retreat in Peru 9-16 June with an early bird discount of €250 for those booking before 1 February!

1. Extend your stay at Chirapa Manta and visit local farms

The easiest way to extend your retreat would be to stay at Chirapa and visit local farms in the area. The food you eat there is all local and from sustainable farmers. You can easily make a day trip to coffee or cacao plantations and watch how the farmers care for their plants. Javier, Claudia and Martín from Chirapa will give you all the information you need.

Raw cacao is since thousands of years part of sacred ceremonies. To see how the cacao fruit is dried and fermented will change your view and taste – what an amazing plant! You can learn how to use cacao and also how to make your own skin care products or simply a tasty energy drink.

2. Stay in the jungle

There are a lot of shamans in the Peruvian jungle – if you want to extend your stay with them, feel free to ask for recommendations for what you are searching for. It is hard to give a general advice here as it depends very much on your own story.

3. Explore the Amazon rain forest

To see more from the Amazon rain forest you can fly up north from Tarapoto (the airport near to Chirapa) to Iquitos. From Iquitos you can take a fast boat to Leticia, Colombia. Here you can book day-trips into the Amazon and explore the area.

From Leticia you can fly to Bogota, Colombia's capital. It's the only way out of Leticia, there are no roads from Leticia to the Colombian mainland. This allows you to really disconnect from phones, transport and everything that is going on in the world, and instead connects you to nature, earth and the people who live there.

4. Relax at the beach

From Bogota you can add a trip to Medellin or the Colombian beaches. Colombia has amazing beaches and other sites to offer, so a longer stay in Colombia is worth your while!

5. Don't miss out on the world famous Machu Picchu

I highly recommend combining the retreat with a trip to Machu Picchu – though it is very famous and over-visited it is definitely not overrated. You can make a trip out of it and go hiking in the beautiful area around Machu Picchu for some days, or just visit the site. If you like to go on a hike, I recommend booking a tour with a responsible travel agency from Peru:

To arrange your trip to Machu Picchu, please plan ahead as some of these tours can be booked out and you are required to book your ticket to Machu Picchu in advance.

Peru is one of the most stunning places when it comes to ancient healing. I am thrilled you come with me and take this journey! For more information on the 'Creating Magic' Yoga & Awareness Retreat in Peru that takes place 9 - 16 June 2018, click here. You receive a €250 early bird discount if you book before 1 February.

To read more about the author and teacher on the retreat, Steffi Grube, you can visit this page.

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