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In love with Sri Lanka - Moving from Fear to Love

Sri Lanka has been on our destination wish list for a while and when we say: ‘Sri Lanka’ the people around us always let out a sigh and say: ‘I would love to go there!’. Which is exactly why we are inviting you on an amazing yoga retreat in Sri Lanka 1-8 April 2017.

Some of the reasons why we love Sri Lanka so much are obvious. Sri Lanka has stunning beaches, beautiful lush nature and a wonderful climate. But there is more!

A bit of history…

Sri Lanka is surrounded by different continents and conveniently located on trading routes between Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This location has gifted Sri Lanka with influences from different cultures. Colonists also found the island with the Portuguese arriving in 1505 and the Dutch following in the 17th century and finally the British took power in 1802. Sri Lanka is independent since 1948 and the word ‘Burgher’ is a reminder of their colonial past, describing Sri Lankan Eurasian descendants from the settlers.

The influence of all these different cultures is visible in their colourful cuisine that includes curries, flatbreads, and even Dutch meatballs and rice packed in banana leaves, and of course a good cup of tea.

Those beaches…

On our retreat we will be staying on one of the stunning beaches. Sri Lanka’s nature dazzles the senses. Swaying palm trees, the rich scent of jasmine flowers, the beauty of the rice fields, there is so much to take in!

Is practicing yoga twice a day not enough for you? You can book surf lessons and catch some waves when you want to take a break from relaxing in your hammock.

Sri Lanka has a wildlife that comes straight out of a National Geographic documentary. Elephants, lions, crocodiles, they are all enjoying the good life in the national parks that a definitely worth a visit.

So what about Hanuman…

The retreat we offer is called ‘Taking a Leap – The Hanuman Experience’, but what does this Monkey God have to do with Sri Lanka?

Hanuman is a Hindoe deity in the embodiment of a monkey. In yoga the asana the splits is named after Hanuman and the giant leap he took from India to Sri Lanka, choosing fear over love. Hanuman does this twice to prove his devotion to his Lord Rama, you can read more about Hanumans story in Steffi's blog.

On this retreat we invite you to find your ‘Rama’, the vision, person or dream you are willing to overcome your fears for, trusting your intuition and higher guidance.

As we are getting ready for Christmas, soon closing the chapter of another year, we can reflect and look back. As you look back, what were the fears that were holding you back in 2016? And what was the effect on you ‘Rama’? 2017 can be the year that you take your Hanuman leap, honouring your Rama by choosing love over fear and trusting in the guidance of your intuition that will allow you to land exactly where you need to be…

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