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Retreating in a Castle of Knights!

When retreating we give ourselves a treat, a break from taking care of others or meeting deadlines and a moment to feel taken care of. Maybe even to indulge… And what feels more indulgent than staying in a castle that used to house knights? This is exactly what we do when we stay at Schloss Blumenthal and why we are returning twice in 2017!

Blumenthal was founded in 1296 by the order of Teutonic Knights and remained their for centuries. The Teutonic Order was a Catholic religious order founded as a military order in the 12th century (c. 1190) in Acre. The order was formed to aid Christians on their pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to establish hospitals. Its members have commonly been known as the Teutonic Knights. The area has been influenced by the different rulers that, at different times settled there. The Celts, Catholic Church and romans all left their legacy.

With its buildings positioned in a circle around the courtyard and its bird filled threes, Schloss Blumenthal is very charming. Surrounded by the forest, you can feel the pulsation of nature all around you.

Schloss Blumenthal became the property of the Fugger Family after the secularization. In 2007 it was saved from destruction by 8 couples that collectively decided to buy it and create the community that currently lives there. They share the vision of a community where each member is treated with respect and love, all members care for the ground they live on, the nature that nurtures them and the history that created the soul of Schloss Blumenthal. The community has grown to 42 adults and 12 children since 2007 and has welcomed many guests from all over the world.

As if that is not enough to make Schloss Blumenthal a special place, they have opened up their beautiful community to all of us! Running a hotel in the old castle, each room with a unique theme and interior, a restaurant serving organically grown food, a beautiful yoga room, and a gorgeous forrest to take long walks in, the community is the perfect place for our yoga intensives.

You can join us 20-23 April for the ‘Body Wisdom’ Yoga intensive with Barbra Noh & David Regelin and 12-15 October for the ‘Align & Flow’ Yoga Intensive with Barbra Noh & Simon Park.

Photography: Christian Krinninger

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